Square Root Technology Inc. is an innovative new company committed to providing business management tools and solutions that create opportunities for our partners to have superior connectivity with their clients/ customers/ members and use that connectivity for additional revenue generation. Our enterprise solution provides an end-to-end managed solution that will allow your organization to focus more time and energy on the delivery of your services. Square Root was created and is managed by a group of like minded individuals with a wealth of knowledge in the business, health care, information technology and sport industries and we are dedicated to helping improve the business operations and revenue generation of your organization.

Our team members have unique insights into the challenges that your organizations face on a daily basis. We can work with organizations of any size and we are dedicated to providing a superior level of service and personal attention.
We believe that all our business dealings are more than just a provider-client relationship, they are partnerships. Our business model is based on our relationship with your organization providing a net revenue benefit instead of a cost factor. Our mission is to increase and streamline your organizational capacity without increasing your costs.

Your success is our success. We don’t profit unless your organization profits. Our philosophy is to be an exceptional partner. Our revenues are tied to the success of our partners, which means we will always be looking to help you improve your business operations. Whether it’s through streamlined data management, improve financial record keeping, exceptional information security, fully managed Ecommerce stores, assistance with advertising, fundraising and sponsorship or superior support services, our goal is to help our partners achieve their objectives!