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square root technology

Square Root Technology provides enterprise business solutions for data management, financial record-keeping and revenue generation in a range of industries. We create exciting online marketplaces through the development and ongoing management of registration platforms which include integrated payment processing as part of our competitive advantage.


SportClub Tools (SCT) provides teams, clubs, leagues, regional, and national sports organizations an end to end managed solution. We streamline the on-boarding registration process, provide simple CASL & Privacy compliant communication tools, create game and special event schedules, produce up to the minute reporting, possess an integrated payment processing platform, and offer unique collaborative revenue generation & fundraising opportunities. Whatever your sport is, We share your passion.  


BizTech Tools (BCT) specifically targets financial and property management companies that will benefit from our enterprise solutions and fully integrated client registration platform. BCT provides clients the benefit of receiving payments with whatever methodology that their customers choose, while greatly reducing administrative costs.

Child care

Child Care Workz (CCW) offers a full array of capabilities greatly minimizing the administrative burden of running child care operations. CCW includes functionality including waitlists, onboarding of new customers, secure electronic “logging in/out” and ongoing updates of the daily activities of each student. Aside from full payroll and billing functionality, CCW also includes the capability of facilitating revenue generation & fundraising to offset the increasing cost of enrollment for families.


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